Task 48
Task 48
SHC Task 48

QA & Support Measures for Solar Cooling

Solar Cooling Session at Intersolar 2012

June 13, 2012 - Munchen

InterSolar 2012During INTERSOLAR 2012 in M√ľnchen, Solar Cooling has been on the highlights. Among the sessions on Solar thermal energy at Intersolar Europe Conference (Innovations, Trends, Networking) on June 13, 2012,

A series of 4 presentations have been given with an audience of nearly 60 people. Interesting hot topics have been treated such as latest developments, market status, return of experience in Middle East, solar thermal versus PV cooling. Of course, IEA SHC Task 48 has been presented by Daniel Mugnier as Operating Agent.

Please find below the presentations and the conference program (solar cooling session details on p.44):