Task 48
Task 48
SHC Task 48

QA & Support Measures for Solar Cooling

Project (Task) Objectives

This Task built upon the IEA SHC work already carried out by trying to find solutions to make the solar thermally driven heating and cooling systems at the same time efficient, reliable and cost competitive. These three major targets were reached through four levels of activities:

  1. Development of tools and procedure to make the characterization of the main components of SAC systems
  2. Creation of a practical and unified procedure, adapted to specific best technical configurations.
  3. Development of three quality requirements targets:
    • prescriptive "deemed performance" approach (<20kW): Manufacturers who offer a standard packaged solution declare the performance level of the package under certain rating constraints.  This rated performance can then be used in a variety of policy interventions (eg : award of certificates, restriction on sale of low performance products, thresholds for subsidies etc).
    • prescriptive "deemed to satisfy engineered" approach (>20 kW) : Where customized solutions are more appropriate, prescribed engineering design and implementation requirements can be specified to ensure the quality of the systems from components to operation (system, installation, etc..). The ability to "qualify" and label installations can be used in a variety of policy interventions (eg : minimum requirement for subsidies, overcoming information barriers, award of points in building rating schemes etc)
    • performance-based approach (>20 kW): While the prescriptive methods described above will be useful within their field of relevance, installers/providers of Solar Thermally Driven Heating and Cooling solutions must also have the ability to innovate and offer tailored solutions outside the direct scope of the prescribed approaches.  This can be achieved by allowing direct metering and verification of performance. The ability to benchmark actual performance against alternative solutions can be used in a variety of policy interventions (eg : promotion of energy performance contracting, award of certificates etc)
  4. Production of tools to promote Solar Thermally Driven Cooling and Heating systems