Task 48
Task 48
SHC Task 48

QA & Support Measures for Solar Cooling

Solar cooling crash course at the Australian Solar Cooling 2013 Conference

Place : North Ryde (Sydney)

Date : 11/04/2013

The Australian Solar Cooling Interest Group (ausSCIG) and Task 48 have hold a Solar Cooling Crash Course.

The course was both led by Dr. Stephen White (CSIRO Solar Cooling Research Leader, ausSCIG Chair, IIR Australia Chair) and Dr Daniel Mugnier (OA Task 48).

The course was a very good success with more than 20 attendees from Australia and other countries from Asia.

It was designed as an overview of technical, economic and bigger picture aspects of solar cooling for newcomers to the industry. It will also provide design tips and technical case studies for industry specialists.

Topics covered include:

    Solar Cooling Basics

    Solar airconditioning equipment options and suppliers

    Selection considerations

    Solar airconditioning benefits, greenhouse gas savings and economics

    Flowsheets, controls and system integration

    Equipment sizing

    Modelling and performance evaluation

    Dos and donts

    Case studies