Task 48
Task 48
SHC Task 48

QA & Support Measures for Solar Cooling

Presentation at 7th International DERBI Conference on Renewable Energy

October 16, 2012 - Perpignan (France)

During the DERBI conference, on specific workshop called  "Hybridization of uses in the building sector : solar thermal or photovoltaic" has been organized.  This workshop on solar heating and especially cooling has permit to show the IEA SHC Task 48 ongoing activities and to try to answer to the following questions: what are the latest advances in air conditioning / heating and solar thermal can be envisaged in the long term profitability of this technology in certain niche markets? IS Photovoltaic risking dominating solar thermal in building thermal applications? What is the future potential of PV + air conditioning?


  • Philippe PAPILLON - Research Engineer - CEA-INES
  • Richard LOYEN - General Secretary - ENERPLAN
  • Daniel MUGNIER – IEA SHC Task 48 Operating Agent - TECSOL
  • Julien DUMAS - BE Engineer R & D – CLIPSOL

Website: www.conference-derbi.com/en/the-programme